The Grass is Too Damn High!

Posted by on May 18, 2012

2012-05-17-15-32-21Spring has certainly sprung here in Southbury! It’s been nearly 2 years that Maureen and I have been away – and it is nice to be back at home again. There are soooo many projects to start, re-start, finish and dream about. One of the first projects is getting the lawn back under control.

The last time the lawn was mowed was probably about 9 months ago. Luckily we had a few months of fall and winter, but spring is here for sure, and the Grass is Too Damn High!

Unfortunately our trusty John Deere lawn tractor is out of service right now, but my brother Mike was kind enough to lend us his Simplicity Tractor. After a few hours this afternoon, we’re starting to get the lawn back to normal . Still quite a few hours to go, but on our way …

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