Take that Nissan Titan V8 – VW Tiguan to the Rescue!

Posted by on February 11, 2013

2013-02-10-16-30-51We got a little snow from the storm this weekend and our neighbor, the dairy farmer, came up with his huge tractor and 8 foot snow thrower to get us out. I also asked him to cut our “circular” driveway that we use that goes around our garden. It’s not really a driveway – it’s just part of the yard/lawn. But with the motorhome in the driveway and 2 cars, it get a little tight to turn around, so being able to just drive around makes it easier.

Our daughter came up for breakfast today and to borrow our roof rake. She came up in her boyfriends 4WD, Nissan Titan V8. Rather that back down our 750′ driveway, I moved the Tiguan so that she could use the “circular” part. It is a downhill drop from the driveway a little and as she was going down, she slid a little off to the side and as she was driving slowly – trying to be careful – the truck got wedged into the snow.

After a few minutes of trying to rock it out, we realized she wasn’t getting out without some help. We spent a few minutes trying to clear the tires and up under the chassis – still no luck.

I decided it was time to take out the big guns. Went up to my storage shed, pulled out a 10,000lb recovery strap, backed the Tiguan up to the Titan, hooked the strap up to the pull hook on the Titan and the hitch on the Tiguan and with no effort, pulled that truck right out.

I couldn’t catch it on video as I was driving the Tiguan, but wouldn’t let her leave without taking a few photos 🙂

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