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  1. Rob

    Sorry to bother you but I just saw a picture of your RV on the IRV2 forums and wanted to ask you a question. We just recently bought a 2004 National 1311 Sea Breeze and can’t wait for the summer to begin. I want to be able to tow our Honda Odyssey and was wondering what trailer hitch plate you have on the back of your RV and where you got it from. Thanks for your time in this.


  2. Gene

    Hi Rob,

    We are towing our VW Tiguan on a flatbed trailer, as the VW can’t be towed any other way. We’re just using the standard hitch receiver that came with the RV. We have a drop hitch receiver with a 2 5/16″ ball on it for the car trailer.

    Great choice on the Sea Breeze by the way. We love ours – especially the kitchen layout with all it’s storage and the excellent cargo carrying capacity.

    Best of luck with yours!

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