People are SO RUDE – gas station craziness today!

Posted by on October 27, 2012

I took the motorhome out today to get some fuel. We’re at our place in RI and will likely see some of the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I wanted to make sure that we had enough fuel to run the genny for a few days if we need to.


Yes I superimposed the RV into a satellite view of the gas station. yes, It’s a little tight at the front while I am fueling up, but I don’t block the front and back and do my best to be in and out as quickly as possible

I use one gas station in particular in town here .. we earn gas points at the Stop&Shop which translates to money off at the pump. As I was pulling up to the station it was pretty packed with cars constantly going in and out of the pumps.

I pulled up along the back side like I always do, so that I could get in and out of the pump at the end. I waited patiently, letting other drivers get in and out in front of me so that I would not block them in. As the 2 drivers in front of me finished at the end pump I started pulling up to it and a “lady” in her SUV flew in the entrance – could definately see me creeping up – and pulled a U Turn right in front of me to get to the pump.

I kept my cool and didn’t lean on the horn and she just kind of looked at me when she got out of her car. So while she went up to prepay for fuel, I just creeped right up to her rear bumper – there was no way anyone but Twiggy would be able to walk between her SUV and the motorhome.

After she pulls out I start the motorhome again, put it into drive and then get 2 other cars trying to squeeze between the curbside of the motorhome and the edge of the gas station. Now I’m blocked in again without enough room to swing out a little …grrr. They finally back up and go the other way.

A little while, and 35 gallons later, it’s time to pull out. To safely get away from the pump I have to back up and swing the motorhome so that I don’t know the pumps on the swing out. Of course people can see me creeping slowly backwards, but do you think they would stop – of course not – they can’t wait a few seconds for me to backup and just have to drive behind me *right now*.

Finally I’m positioned in the exit and yes, I am taking up most of it and am situated to the left side so that I can make a clean right hand turn into the single lane and BOOM a van comes blasting from the opposite direction that I am heading towards to squeeze on my left side and jumps the curb just to get in. He was only inches from hitting the front drivers side of the motorhome.

Geez … I mean it’s a hurricane yes, but it’s not going to be here in RI for a couple of days and the track might even change. Total craziness at the pumps today …

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