Packed with some new National RV Themed Accessories

Posted by on June 7, 2012

We’re all packed and ready to head out to Pocono for the NASCAR race weekend. While shopping for food and drinks for our weekend trip, Maureen found some great Palm Tree Themed Accessories to add to our collection for the RV. For those that don’t know, our motorhome is a National RV Sea Breeze and the NRV logo includes Palm Trees. It keeps with that sunny, island, relaxed outlook!

Over time we’ve found and added Palm Tree themed dinnerware, cups, etc and today Maureen found a couple of great new hand towels and a really nice pitcher. Again, all plastic ware to keep the weight down.

It’s about time to clean up, catch up a bit on the rest of my day and head off to bed.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend for updates, photos, videos and more.

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  1. Tony Jenzer

    Hi folks, I own a 99 Tradewinds, after seeing your post on irv2 , you inspired me to find palm tree themed dishes, I now have the glasses, wine glasses, hope to get more accessories soon, thanks for the great ideas. Tony

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