Our Mobile Office

Posted by on June 11, 2013

We run a small technology company, and we regularly get asked by our friends, family and sometimes even customers, how we’re able to stay in touch and work when we’re travelling in the RV.

This photo gives a good idea of how we’re able to accomplish that – *usually* pretty seamlessly. I always take a look at coverage areas when we travel, as it is crucial for us to be able to communicate while travelling.

The next purchase that we do need to make is a 4G capable Cell Phone booster. I’ve been looking at the Wilson Sleek 4G device to fill that void.

… yeah I am a techie geek, and proud of it 

Our Mobile Office


We spend this past weekend at the NASCAR Race at Pocono. We have Trackside RV parking, and our view is great. I watch most of the race from the top of the motorhome setup with:

– a 2 person chair
– headset with scanner
– digital camera
– Android phone for camera and video
– Dell XPS12 Convertible Laptop streaming the race on TV from my home office
– some snacks and a few Heineken’s

2013-06-09 15.41.07

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