Not sure if this means Naughty or Nice List

Posted by on August 10, 2011

Santa Claus stopped by our campsite today while I was on the roof checking out a leak that showed up in yesterdays torrential rains. He pulled up to the site in his golf cart and asked me if I was washing the roof. I wasn’t, as I know that will definitely get me on the naughty list, so I let him know what I was doing and climbed down. Thankfully I found the leak point and will now have to reseal it and work on the inside ceiling stain.

After I got down we started talking about all things “motorhome” and and dogs  … And this is where were wondering if we’re on the naughty or nice list as he threw the dogs a cute little toy to play with, but gave us a big box of poop bags!

We chatted for a few more minutes and found out that he and his wife “workcamp” here during the spring and summer and have been full-timers for the past 9 years and during the holiday season they camp on Long Island and work as Mr & Mrs Claus for a large mall on Long Island.

Hmmm is his name really Mel as he told us, or is it Santa Claus?

I think we just had our own Miracle on Birch Street 🙂

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