Maya and the Rawhide Dance

Posted by on March 27, 2012

Happy Spring and De-Winterizing to everyone!

I thought I’d take a moment to update on Maya’s great progress since the Pit Bull Attack and provide a little comic relief on her behalf.

From a health perspective, she’s doing really well. Her disolveable stitches are nearly gone and her fur is starting to grow in and covering up her scar. We’ve been going out on walks again, now that she isn’t under “house arrest” and that really makes her happy. Unfortunately we’ve run across some dogs that we don’t know on some of our walks, and that caused her some stress, so we’ve still got some work to do to get her over that hump.

Overall though, she’s a ROCK STAR and making a great recovery.

Her and Brody are still great “siblings” – having fun with each other, aggravating each other and at the end of the day, great friends.

For a little comedic value, I thought I’d share this video I shot today of Maya’s Rawhide Dance. Occasionally we’ll break out a rawhide bone for each of them to chew on, and as you can see, Maya has a lot of fun with her’s.

We’ve still got a way to go to get our girl back on track, but we’re all getting there!

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