I continue to be amazed and impressed with our RV Kitchen Storage

Posted by on December 22, 2012

Once again we’re packing up the RV to head out. This isn’t a vacation trip, rather a trip from our rental property in RI back to our home in CT. We’ve been hard at work the last couple of months renovating the rental property in RI, and it’s coming along great. We have one item left which is the installation of the new Sheet Vinyl Flooring throughout the 1st floor, and then we are DONE and ready to rent. You can see the house for rent online at http://www.Rent115ClintonAve.com.

We’ve decided to head back to CT for a few days, maybe a week, to spend the holidays with our family – so once again we’re packing up the motorhome. Along with this trip we’re emptying out the RI house even more, taking more items back with us. Tonight we’re taking most of the kitchen items, along with the food, etc that we’ve been living with here.

And again, I continue to be impressed/amazed with how much kitchen storage we have in our 32′ National RV. The kitchen is one of the big items that sold us on this model after looking at so many other motorhomes in this size range. The U Shaped layout, along with the immense amount of cabinets, storage space, drawers and more is just GREAT. Not only have we put back all the “regular” RV kitchen items that we typically travel with, but we’ve brought most of the kitchen items from the house and still have room to spare.

Oh well enough chat… back to packing up

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