Happy Hour on the Schroon River

Posted by on August 14, 2011

Friday at Lake George Escapes was a lazy day for us … well Friday,Saturday and today are. We’ve been here for about a week, had some guests, visited some friends and in general, we’ve just been taking this week as a “vacation”.  No real plans on things to do or see. We’ve been talking about going down to the Village to see what’s there  … in all likelihood, it’s a bit of a “tourist trap”, but we’ll see.  Erin and Jamie found a nice place with some live music when they were here last week, and that’s something we like – so maybe that will be a destination. If not, we’ll just relax here in the campground.

Getting back to Friday … Maureen and I decided to take one of the “power” boats out on a cruise down the Schroon River. Yes I say “power” boats in air-quotes because these 2 person boats don’t offer much power at all. I was hoping for a little bit of power and speed, but that’s not what these boats are all about. They are great for just put-putting along the river, so that’s what we did for about an hour.

We did get out at a good time in the afternoon, not too cloudy and not too sunny. We saw some geese and I think some cranes, found a few “out of place” flowers and plants on the along the shoreline and yes, we found that confounded bridge 😉

We check out tomorrow and are headed back to RI and CT for a week, maybe more, so today I spent a good part of the afternoon breaking down the campsite, cleaning things up, checking over the RV – tire pressures, etc, so that we can get up, have a good breakfast and be on our way by 11am.

We’re looking for some ideas on where to head next …

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