Dinner with Friends

Posted by on August 13, 2011

It turns out that there are a few people following our Journey, or at least our Facebook wall posts … yeah! As we announced that we were pointed towards Lake George last week, I received a message from a High School friend inviting Maureen, I *and* the dogs to dinner while we’re in the area. I thought great, this is part of what our Journey Across America is all about – visiting new places, connecting with friends (past and present) and just having some memorable days and nights along the way.

We settled on a Thursday night dinner … one of our favorite dinners in fact – steak and potatoes and we decided to bring along the makings for a fresh salad and picked up a few ears of delicious local, sweet corn. I was really looking forward to this dinner as it’s been – WHAT – 27 years since Kevin and I graduated from St. Joseph’s High School in Trumbull, CT.  I guess that means we’re coming up on a 30 year reunion. Wow, when did we become the older folks in the room?

We haven’t ventured out much with the whole travelling family (ourselves and the dogs) during this trip, so packing up everything we needed to bring took an hour or so, and yes, I still did forget a few things that we ended up picking up at the store along the way. Even with our stop along the way, we got to Kevin and Louise’s house right about on time. Thanks Magellan – you did good on this trip.

Kevin and Louise have a beautiful house, in a great looking established neighborhood. It looks like a great place to raise kids and settle down while they’re in school. They also have a huge fenced in backyard and the dogs really loved that! Brody and Maya were in for a real treat. Over the past 6 weeks they’ve spent a lot of time on their leashes, with much less time to run around freely – something they both really love to do. Some of the campgrounds we’ve been at on our trip have had dog parks, but no where as nice, or as large as the backyard they were getting a chance to run around in.

Brian and Eric, Kevin and Louise’s boys had a fun time meeting the dogs and playing with them. We’ve learned to bring along chew toys for the dogs and the boys got to spend some time playing catch and retrieve with the dogs. After an hour or so of play, it was time to get the grill started and this dinner party started!

Our hosts were gracious enough to let us bring along our portable Weber grill to cook the steaks on – we have some food allergies in our household, so cooking on our own equipment takes a lot of worry about what might have been cooked on the grill previously. As I was warming up the grill, Louise brought out some caveman sized Rib Eye’s. Yum, Yum, Yum is all I can say. These were some beautiful cuts of meat and while I let them cook a couple of minutes too long – med to med/well versus our preferred med/rare, they were still totally mouth watering and tasty!

We all enjoyed a great dinner on the deck – salad, steaks, potatoes and sweet corn – a perfect summer’s night dinner!

As the bugs started to come out, we moved the party inside to continue our reminiscing and catching up on the years. As it turns out, Kevin and Louise also met at their jobs – like Maureen and I did so many years ago, and we’re also all in the tech/computer industry. It makes for great conversation when you can share stories and talk about your work and experiences with other people that know what you’re talking about. It was also fun to see Kevin’s “man cave” that looks a lot like mine – a nice big TV on the wall with all the cool accessories, but even more so, a corner of the man cave that is all about computers with multiple machines, screens, servers and parts.

At this point the night was starting to wrap up. I was guessing that they boys were up past their bedtime, or getting close to it, and our kids (Brody and Maya) were getting anxious for their nightly walk. We hung out for a few more minutes and also got some great ideas for places to visit while we were still in the Lake George area.

Overall it was a really fun night and I thank our hosts for the invitation … hopefully they’ll be in CT some time when we’re at home base and we can have them over for dinner too.

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  1. Sue Glick

    Sounds like you had a wonderful evening with Kevin & family!! Much better to reconnect and be able to enjoy their company without too many distractions (as an official school reunion would be)! Lake George is one of our favorite places to go in the summers too although we have found the BEST way to enjoy it all is off the beaten path of the village (sorry Frankenstein and Minne Ha Ha)!! Don’t know if you had gone to Fort Ticonderoga (the kids just don’t appreciate it as much as us history buffs) & it is in jeopardy of permanent closure or if you were able to go to Prospect Mountain – pretty awesome! I would really like to go in the fall or winter just to get a fresh perspective. Glad you were able to enjoy Lake George the best possible way – with great friends!

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