Time to Batten Down Everything!

We’ve been home for a week or so, and YES I am behind on a number of posts that are still in draft mode from the last leg of our trip, but after tracking Hurricane Irene for the last few days, I am glad that we’re here at home base to “batten down the hatches”. … Continue reading »

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Dinner with Friends

It turns out that there are a few people following our Journey, or at least our Facebook wall posts … yeah! As we announced that we were pointed towards Lake George last week, I received a message from a High School friend inviting Maureen, I *and* the dogs to dinner while we’re in the area. … Continue reading »

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A day of travel …and backing up!

We left the KOA Niagara Falls today, headed towards Lake George NY. We got off to a bit of a late start, but we kind of prepared for that the day before and we took care of a lot of the “pre-flight” stuff the night before. ┬áIt still took us about an hour and a … Continue reading »

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