Our Mobile Office

We run a small technology company, and we regularly get asked by our friends, family and sometimes even customers, how we’re able to stay in touch and work when we’re travelling in the RV. This photo gives a good idea of how we’re able to accomplish that – *usually* pretty seamlessly. I always take a … Continue reading »

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Packed with some new National RV Themed Accessories

We’re all packed and ready to head out to Pocono for the NASCAR race weekend. While shopping for food and drinks for our weekend trip, Maureen found some great Palm Tree Themed Accessories to add to our collection for the RV. For those that don’t know, our motorhome is a National RV Sea Breeze and … Continue reading »

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Car Trailer Mods

Now that we’re back at home in CT for a while, there’s a LOT of work to do. Today’s project – add some rails to the car trailer so that I can use it for the dump, home depot runs, etc. I built some basic sides out of wood that I had leftover from, or … Continue reading »

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Battery Box Repair

Photos of the work to repair our damaged battery box. This is a semi-temporary fix that offers much better support and protection than the straps and board. Eventually this pressure treated wood box will come out and we’ll have the original box re-fiberglassed and reinforced. That will come when we can “give up” the motorhome … Continue reading »

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Home Depot RAISING Regular Sales Prices During Holiday Appliance Sale!

We’ve been driveway boondocking at our Cottage in RI for since early October … visiting with friends, doing some maintenance, making some updates and as (un)luck may have it, replacing some major components in the house. But, that is a post for another time. What we have been planning to replace for some time is … Continue reading »

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Battery Compartment Damage

I was taking a look at our steps the other day – they have a bit of play in them sometimes when you step on them. I think that it’s because they haven’t extended fully before someone steps on them – but anyway, I bent over to take a look at the mechanism and was … Continue reading »

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Evil Ceiling Stain

We’re spending a few days at the Lake George Escapes campground and we’ve had some pockets of really heavy, and at times, torrential rains. The rain last night sounded like marbles being bounced off the roof – that’s how heavy it was. When I got up this morning and went to open the blinds, I … Continue reading »

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Rainy Day/TV Project Finished (almost)

After a night of thought, reviewing the IRV2 boards and lots of measuring, it was time to head down to the local Car Audio shop to see if they could modify the brackets and fascia for us. As it turns out, there are a couple of car audio shops on the main drag, as well … Continue reading »

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A few more modifications before our first extended journey

So we’ve been delayed by a few days with setting off on our first extended journey. We’re waiting on a few “we-owe” items from the dealer, along with a service date for the new LP tank. Work – both regular projects, and getting ourselves well set to take the office on the road, along with … Continue reading »

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Getting the Mobile Office Ready

We’re back at home base in CT for a few days. Packing up the MH with all the things we think we’ll need. I’m also installing all the gear we’ll need to be mobile with our office. Today’s project was finding a home for a wireless HP inkjet printer. The overhead storage cabinet over the … Continue reading »

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