Canoeing, Exploring, Fun at Lake George Escapes and Farting in Your General Direction

Posted by on August 12, 2011

Our campsite at Lake George Escapes

We’ve been here at Lake George Escapes for the better part of a week and we’ve really been enjoying our stay. We haven’t gone out and done much of the “touristy” stuff yet,but we’re still here for another 3 1/2 days – so we still have some time for that.

We haven’t been here before, although we have some family members that have been and recommended the campground to us, and it was a great recommendation. Our campsite is in one of the back corners and we have a really great view out the back. We’ve also found that the sites are positioned well to give some privacy between you and your neighbors. I certainly think that this is a campground that we’ll come back to in the future.


We had some visitors come up and join us for a few days earlier in the week, our daughter Erin and her boyfriend Jamie.  It was fun to hang out with them for a couple of days, torment them in the way only parents can and just have some good, all around fun. The arrived late on Monday night and we had some good times and conversation sitting around the campfire.

Tuesday was a full day of activity – we started off with Banana Pancakes and sausages for breakfast … yum! I usually get breakfast duty and as we had a couple of “freckled” bananas, they were perfect to spice up the late morning breakfast/brunch.  After everyone filled up on a yummy breakfast, Erin and Jamie decided to break out their inflatable canoe and take it down to the river.

Their canoe is a really nice inflatable, with inflatable seats and all. As they were about to take off they discovered a small leak in the bottom … good thing! It would really stink to have it slowly deflate while they were on the river. Some instructions, a patch and a few minutes later they were off.

While the kids were out canoeing, Maureen and I decided to explore the rest of the campground with the dogs. Brody and Maya are really enjoying the trip in the motorhome. While we’re not a home in their HUGE yard where they can run around unleashed, they are doing excellent with walking around the campgrounds with us, meeting new people and new dogs. It’s hard to believe how big Maya is getting. We picked her up when she was two months old. On August 1st she turned 4 months, and she is getting so big and smart already. She’s going to be a great companion not only to us, but to Brody as well.

During our walk we actually found two other National RV’s in the campground. These are the first other National RV’s that we’ve seen on our trip. Unfortunately no one was home, and by the next day they were gone. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll see some more on our travels, but now it was time for lunch. After a couple of hours of walking, meeting people and checking out the other rigs and campers in the site, we headed “home” so that I could fire up the grill. It turned out to be perfect timing for everyone, as Erin and Jamie were just getting back from their canoeing adventures on the river. They were ready for some food too, so lunch it is.

It may not look like it, but YES everyone did enjoy their lunch ... I think everyone was getting stuffed by this point

We had a great lunch of Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chips, Salsa and a little tequila to top it all off. Got to love the Jose – tonight is going to be Mexican night with margarita’s and all … so we’re just getting a brief kickoff to the evening’s festivities.

After lunch I spent some time catching up on work – this is still a “workcation”, and making sure everything is running good is a daily task … but spending a few hours working each day in these great environments makes it all worthwhile.

Erin and Jamie decided to take the shuttle down to Lake George Village for the evening, while Maureen and I did some more exploring with the dogs, meeting some of our neighbors – just enjoying a relaxing evening- besides it was Mexican night and it was nearly time to fire up the blender!

As dinner time approached the nightly party train started making its way around the campground. That was good timing for them as the skies opened up shortly after. We’ve had quite a mix of rain showers, heavy rains and beautiful sunny weather during the first part of our stay here in Lake George. We’ll be here for the remainder of the week, and the weather really looks great towards Friday/Saturday/Sunday, so we’re planning on spending those days in and around Lake George, Lake George Village and maybe even a day or afternoon at Six Flags The Great Escape!

After dinner, Erin and Jamie returned on the shuttle. As it was still raining, the shuttle driver dropped them off right at the campsite – great customer service I say! Since it was raining and there was no chance of a campfire tonight, we tossed around ideas for what to do and decided that since Jamie had NO idea who Monty Python was that a night of Python was in order. As always, any Monty Python marathon has to start with Monty Python and The Holy Grail … but alas, the youngins’ had a full day of fun and barely made it to the Knights that say NI!


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