Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens

Posted by on August 5, 2011

Today we spent a few hours at the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens¬†. The gardens were only about 20 minutes away from the KOA Niagara Falls … this campground turned out to be a great central location for sights to see in the area. I’m sure we’ll come back out this way again as there is still more to see … but I digress.

Our afternoon at the Botanical Gardens was really enjoyable. We got to see and learn about plants we grow at home as well as hundreds of plants from around the world. While walking around, we saw a wedding party taking pictures in one of the rooms and after talking to some of the staff, they host weddings and all sorts of events at the gardens. This would be a beautiful place to have a ceremony and/or a reception … and you get to save the money you would have spent on flowers!

We both took a TON of photos. Most of them are in the album below … at some point I’ll get around to getting them sorted out.

After leaving the gardens we headed back to the KOA for some lunch and to take the doggies out for a walk. They have both really learned there way around the campground ¬†– considering all the walks we’ve taken here in the last week.

We’re ¬†heading out tomorrow on our way to Lake George NY to meet up with some family for a few days at the lake, and while doing some “pre-flight” checks and breakdowns I met some of our neighbors that have been parked next to us for the last couple of days. They were a friendly couple from the Carolina’s, and formerly from Ridgefield CT – only a few miles from our home base in Southbury CT.

We got to talking and an hour or so later, I had some great tips on places to visit, got to chat a bit about their *beautiful* Newmar Dutch Star Diesel Pusher and we also shared some experiences about our self-done front TV upgrades. I’ve added some of their recommended places to visit to our to-visit list and maybe we’ll see them along the way another day.

We have met quite a few people while staying here at the KOA Niagara Falls and so far it really is true that RV’ers/Campers are some of the nicest people around. We all seem to share a love for travelling and sharing our good and bad experiences with not only travel, but motorhomes and just about everything in between.

Well, it’s time for a late dinner and some packing up in the motorhome. The more we get done tonight, the later we can sleep in the morning – that’s pretty crucial as checkout here is 11am.


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