Be kind to your birds and goats

Posted by on August 9, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday … another day of breaking down, travel and setting up. Today we left Frosty Acres Campground in Schenectady, NY and headed off towards Lake George (note this post references our travel on 08/07/11 – yeah I’m a little late with posting). We’ve heard a lot of great things about the Lake George area and figured we would spend a few days there. Our daughter and her boyfriend will be coming up on Monday and joining us for a couple of days. We’re really looking forward to that and having some fun with them.

We only spent the night at Frosty Acres and did a minimal setup when we arrived, so the breakdown was relatively quick. Frosty Acres looks like a really nice place to spend a few days – they have a couple of ponds and one with a beach that you can swim in, but alas, by 12:30 in the afternoon we were headed out.

For Maureen, this was just fine. She really did not like our day of travel to Frosty Acres – see this post as to why, so I guess it’s a good thing that we are headed to our next destination. For me … the “road bumps” didn’t bother me much – I think that they were just practice for things we’ll eventually run into in the future – for now, I’ll just leave that conversation for a future post.

One important tip to anyone heading to Frosty Acres, make sure that you come in from the west, *especially* if you are towing anything!

The drive to Lake George Escapes wasn’t bad at all. It was a beautiful day and it only took us about an hour and a half to get here. As we got closer to Lake George we started getting into some mountainous, uphill roads. We handled it pretty well, considering we weigh nearly 24,000 pounds in our current configuration – yeah that’s about 12 tons of steel, rubber, fluids and a house. On most of the inclines we can keep a reasonable speed of between 52-60, but the climb between Exits 22 and 23 on RT I-87, was the biggest incline, and biggest challenge we’ve had yet. At this point we slowed to about 42 miles an hour as we neared the crest of this particular hill, and I was so glad to not only see some level ground ahead of me, but the exit ramp right there.

Overall it wasn’t a big deal and we weren’t the only ones in the right hand lane, but I must say I was a bit jealous seeing a very nice, and much larger, diesel pusher motorhome coming up full steam in the middle lane, and passing us with ease about 3/4 of the way up the hill. The weight of that motorhome plus the Jeep Grand Cherokee they were towing was certainly heavier than us, but that really showed in “real time” the benefits of a diesel pusher over our front engine, Ford V-10. Something to think about and file in the wish list when it’s time to upgrade.

A few minutes later we arrived at the campground and got checked right in. We got an escort to our site and pulled in without a problem at all. The first thing we noticed and commented on as we were driving to our spot was that this is “camping” – as compared to our last few campground stops. This location feels more like camping due to its location right in the woods (on over 175 acres). The sites, while next to each other, are offset from your neighbor that you face across the road and also have tree filled islands, about 10+ feet on each side that give you some separation and privacy from your other neighbors. Now yes, this isn’t boondock camping in a National Park, but much more of a camping experience over the other campgrounds that have been more like cleared fields, with trees interspersed here and there.

This campground also gets an AAA rating from us for the site features/preparation alone! We had to do minimal leveling of the motorhome once we pulled in, this site has full hookups with 50amp power, water, cable TV and a very well designed sewer hookup. Imagine this, a sewer hookup that has a nice latching cap with a screw-in connector that set lower than the site. This was great as it meant much less messing around with the sewer hose to get good drainage. A level site and easy hookups are a great bonus … it means less time spent on setup and more time spent having fun!

 About and hour later we were all setup and ready for some work, shopping and dog walking. The campground has no wifi (except near the Lodge), so we fired up our connections with Verizon and we have a really good signal here.

I spent a few hours catching up on some office work, Maureen made her way over to the laundry facilities to catch up on some housework and by early evening we were ready for some dinner … well actually, now that we were done setting up, and got caught up with work, it was time for a drink first.

The Official drink of our motorhome is a SeaBreeze, since our home is a 2005 National RV Sea Breeze …yeah I know, not all that original, but it’s a great refreshment either way. After my drink, we had to run down the the lodge to pickup a couple of supplies and as we were driving back to our site (Maureen was the designated non-drinking driver), the skies opened up again with a serious downpour. Grrr I am thinking, the winds are picking up and the EZ-Up wasn’t staked down yet … guess I’m gonna’ get a little wet. About 10 soaking minutes later the EZ-Up was secured, chairs pulled in under the canopies and I was headed for the shower.

Soup and a sandwich was the perfect dinner for this rainy night and as I sat down, Maureen had Dinner for Schmucks fired up on the new Samsung TV via our Slingbox on the FIOS network. HHmmm Dinner for Schmucks – should I be reading something into this as I sit here and eat my sandwich? Not sure, but I can say that it was definitely an entertaining movie. I also think that, at times, Maureen and I both could be the dinner guests with “extraordinary talents” 😉

After dinner it was time for a walk around the campground with the dogs. As this was the first walk, I tool Brody out first and we walked the neighborhoods. Yes, since I took our first extended walk in the dark, we did walk in circles a couple of times around some of the “blocks”, but about 1/2 hour later, Brody was ready for a drink and a rest. For me, this was just the first 1/2 of my walk … now it was Maya’s turn.

Immediately Maya started tracking the path that Brody and I took. It was really awesome to watch. I didn’t ask her to track us, but she picked right up on our path, the way we walked around puddles, and across the road from one side to the other when Brody was sniffing around. It was really impressive … and what was more impressive was when I got us lost! I took a wrong turn down one of the side roads – a section of the campground that Brody and I had not traveled on yet, and within 50 feet, Maya was “telling” me that this was a new area. She searched the road and both sides and could not find our scent. I could tell, she was giving me great signals, that we needed to turn around and go the other way. Way to go Maya – do we have a future Search & Rescue dog here?

After our walks, which lasted over an hour between the two dogs, I was ready for a break too. Time to check in at the office, send a few emails, maybe have another Seabreeze ….

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  1. Your Brother

    Lake George Escape is alos awesome.

    The lake george downtown is fun for window shopping and you may even run into Rachael Ray she is from there and frequents the local markets and stores.

    Go to the Log Jam Restraunt and head south towards the amusement park for outlets.

    There are some great white water rafting companies in the area….not to dangerous and lots of fun.

    Rent a Pontoon boat for a 1/2 day and take a ride on the lake…the houses are awesome. If you do rent a boat be sure to get a boat with a swim ladder. Its a bitch getting back into the boat without one. You will struggle to get the big dog back into the boat if you open the boat gate and let him swim. No boaters lic is required but the boat polcie can be strict with operating a boat if you have been drinking be careful.

    Then leave Lake George and go to Mt Washington in NH its only 4.5hrs away. From there go to Freeport Maine and then south to Portsmouth then home.

  2. Gene

    Thanks for the tips … we’ll actually be heading back to home-base next week for some work related things, to mow the lawn, etc. Not sure what our plans are yet beyond that – a few weeks at home, travel south – we’ll see.

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