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Take that Nissan Titan V8 – VW Tiguan to the Rescue!

We got a little snow from the storm this weekend and our neighbor, the dairy farmer, came up with his huge tractor and 8 foot snow thrower to get us out. I also asked him to cut our “circular” driveway that we use that goes around our garden. It’s not really a driveway – it’s … Continue reading »

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A little snow from Nemo!

Nemo, the Blizzard of 2013 brought us a little snow here in the hills of Southbury, CT. By the end of the storm, we ended up with nearly 2 feet of snow. Brody and Maya had a ball playing in the snow today, me I got to spend the day clearing the driveway, parts of … Continue reading »

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And here it is … Elliott Sadler’s 2013 NNS Ride

It seems the host for is having problems handling the traffic around the announcement showing off Elliott Sadler’s 2013 Nationwide Series Toyota. For those of you that can’t see the new 2013 car, here it is … Looks nice! and I like the Pink shoes keeping us all reminded about Breast Cancer Go after … Continue reading »

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I continue to be amazed and impressed with our RV Kitchen Storage

Once again we’re packing up the RV to head out. This isn’t a vacation trip, rather a trip from our rental property in RI back to our home in CT. We’ve been hard at work the last couple of months renovating the rental property in RI, and it’s coming along great. We have one item … Continue reading »

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Evicting some unwanted guests

Tonight while I was dumping the tanks, I decided to fire up the hot water heater. I was going to leave the slinky attached, take a shower and then dump the grey tank again … just to give it a few more gallons of “cleaner” water.  I came inside the motorhome to click on the … Continue reading »

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People are SO RUDE – gas station craziness today!

I took the motorhome out today to get some fuel. We’re at our place in RI and will likely see some of the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I wanted to make sure that we had enough fuel to run the genny for a few days if we need to.   I use one gas station … Continue reading »

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Some fun videos with our 2 Labs

Here are a few videos of our “4 legged” kids, our 2 Labs … having some fun at home on the farm.

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Friday at Pocono Raceway

We woke up today to the sounds of roaring engines .. what a GREAT alarm clock! After getting in at about 1:30am, we got setup, had some dinner a couple of drinks and then dozed off. Today’s events include practice for both the ARCA racing and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race. Today should be a … Continue reading »

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Packed with some new National RV Themed Accessories

We’re all packed and ready to head out to Pocono for the NASCAR race weekend. While shopping for food and drinks for our weekend trip, Maureen found some great Palm Tree Themed Accessories to add to our collection for the RV. For those that don’t know, our motorhome is a National RV Sea Breeze and … Continue reading »

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Pocono 400 Pre-Trip Check

Trackside Camping at Pocono here we come … shot a short video of our final pre-trip inspection today. We still have to finish packing up and cleaning up a bit .. another couple of hours. Maureen is out at the grocery and liquor stores getting supplies for the weekend. Last call if you want to … Continue reading »

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