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Honey is that our wheel?

Honey is that our wheel? We wish we had a camera focused on us when the DW and I looked at each other saying “That’s weird, what the **** is that … that looks like one of our tires … oh ***T, it is!” This was one of those Oh S*** moments. We were going … Continue reading »

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Suspension upgrades for the RV

Alrighty then … Labor Day Weekend is appropriate for me this weekend I got a lot of things done so far this weekend on the RV – not everything I wanted, but that’s how it goes. Items to check off the list: – rear poly SB bushings, done! – rear CHF, done! – new Konis … Continue reading »

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Our new campsite marker

During our trip to Busch Gardens – Williamsburg this past week, we got ourselves a site marker. We’ve wanted to get one for a while, and saw some nice samples at Busch Gardens, so we designed one during our 3 days there. Coming to a campground near you … currently at Bar Harbor RV Park, … Continue reading »

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Time to update the website!

We’ve done quite a bit of travel since we last posted on the website … and we’re missing a lot of new posts – pretty much all of 2014, 2015 and 2016. So where have we been over the last 2 1/2 years? Pocono Raceway New Hampshire Motor Speedway Vegas Motor Speedway Wawaloam Campground – … Continue reading »

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Worst Travel Day Ever … or at least to date.

So let’s recap … had a good start to the day, leaving Thousand Trails in Williamsburg VA. Got on the road by 12:30 for a 3 1/2 hour trip to Baltimore, for a 2 night stop at Bar Harbor RV Park. We get on the road, but need to stop for fuel as we only … Continue reading »

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Homeowners – Don’t Forget to Seek Out Alternate Electric Suppliers

For those of you, like us that aren’t fulltimers and still have a S&B (Sticks & Bricks house) … have YOU reviewed your electric bill and chosen an alternate energy provider? We did a few years ago, but as I learned over last summer, you have to remember when your promotional periods end – or … Continue reading »

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Time for some updates

Yes I know!! It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site with our travels from this year … I have a number of “draft” posts that have to be completed.

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Back at our favorite “campground”

#timeforacoldone¬†… I put a new transmission in my trusty John Deere yesterday and got a LOT of the yard done since then. I just finished up the yard “near” the house. It looks so nice when it’s all greened up like this. There’s still some work¬†to do in the Orchard and the “lower 40” – … Continue reading »

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Our Mobile Office

We run a small technology company, and we regularly get asked by our friends, family and sometimes even customers, how we’re able to stay in touch and work when we’re travelling in the RV. This photo gives a good idea of how we’re able to accomplish that – *usually* pretty seamlessly. I always take a … Continue reading »

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Off to the races again!

It’s that time of year again, and we’re headed back to Pocono Raceway for the NASCAR weekend. We also have a few days of camping on our schedule after the race, at Hickory Run State Park. It’s about 30 minutes from the track, is dog (2 Labs) friendly and has lots of hiking trails. More … Continue reading »

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