Accidental Fulltimers?

Posted by on November 10, 2011

We were having a conversation last night with some friends of ours and the subject of RV’ing came up along with a question of how long we were going to be “boondocked” at our family home in RI. I got to thinking, and we all started discussing how Maureen and I have mostly been full-timing it in either a Travel Trailer or our Motorhome since September of 2010.

Sure, we’ve spent a few weeks here and there at home in CT and now in RI, but for the most part, we’ve been living the life of ¬†Full Time RVers for the better part of 13 months. It started last September when my brother and sister-in-law were gracious enough to let us borrow their 30′ Zinger Travel Trailer. We needed a place to stay while helping a family member go through a terrible illness … the home was too small for us to move into, so we needed some extra space. We lived in the travel trailer from September 2010, through a cold northeast winter and up until early May 2011. The Zinger was a very tight space for the three of us (Maureen, Gene & Brody), but it was a TREMENDOUS help to us at the time.

After returning the Travel Trailer we started talking about finally getting a Motorhome of our own. We’ve been talking about it for nearly 2 decades and finally decided that life is full of curve balls and we should just “suck it up”, get our first Motorhome and start doing the travelling that we’ve been talking about for years. So in June of 2010, we purchased our “new to us” National RV Sea Breeze and have been spending the summer and fall travelling, visiting (and driveway boondocking) with family and friends. Who knows what the coming months will bring, but after the spending the last 13 months living in one trailer or another, I think that we’re at least “Honorary” Full Timers.



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