A really bad day – attacked by a Pit Bull

Posted by on January 25, 2012

2012-01-24-23-21-29The title kind of says it all …

Today Maya and I were attacked by a pit bull. We were introducing ourselves to our neighbor at our home in RI when their pit bull came charging out of their house and┬áviscously attacked Maya, our 9 month old puppy. I’m intentionally keeping the details quiet here on our blog, but I will say that the attack was completely unprovoked and that while injured, Maya and I are doing ok.

At 1:14 am my adrenaline is still running and I’m nowhere near ready to go to sleep, so I’m taking the first overnight shift with Maya since we need to keep an eye on her and the shunt that she had put in during emergency surgery today.

Here are a few photos of the injury Maya sustained, as well as a few of the bite and puncture marks on my hand.

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  1. Darlene LaRocohe

    So sorry for what happened to you and your Maya. I hope there are laws in place in your state that will make the dog be labeled as “aggresive” and that the owners will he held liable for all the costs to you and your dear Maya. Blessing to you and Maya for a complete and speedy recovery. Darlene

  2. Gene

    Thanks Darlene .. fortunately the State does have clearly stated statues regarding dog bites – versus a typical common law that generally allows one bite – but only time will tell what happens there

  3. Darlene LaRoche

    Been reading the updates on the iRV2 pets forum, glad to hear you are doing better, and Maya seems to be improving. I think you are doing the right thing in pursuing this serious issue against the owners of the pit bull…and wish you the best of luck…..Darlene

  4. Vadim

    . but when did it become gtiuly before proven innocent? i totally agree, the dogs didn’t mean to do what they did, they did it to get love they thought that if they did this maybe they can get some love (i’m talking about the dog fight dogs.) when did it ever, EVER! become okay to kill a dog because it was a pit bull? you know a long time ago the pit bull was thought of to be the best dog any one could have? but then some day after a person decided that the pit bull wasn’t a good dog that the dog was horrible! and ever since the breed has been put on the death list? if pit bulls never existed, you know we’d all be saying that a dog like the rottwelier was horrible and needed to be put down like some are saying about pit bulls for once people GIVE THE PIT BULLS A CHANCE AT LOVE AND TO PROVE THAT THEY CAN LIVE A LIFE LIKE THE GOLDEN RETIVER OR THE YELLOW LAB HAS!

  5. Gonna

    there is no such thing as a bad pit bull, only a bad pit bull owner the dog will only act/react as to what its owner teaches I’ve had two pits since the birth of my duheatgr (now 14 mo.) my first was unfortunateley hit by car and left me grieving and heart broken that I had to get another one. And both protect that child and play with her as tho she was one of their pups, but you dont hear these good stories about a pit bull they are excellent family pets and where they excell most is with children If an irresponsible pb owner wants to teach and instsill aggression in a beautiful, loving animal then it is the owner who is bad not the innocent dogs fault so take my advice, adopt a bully and enjoy the time God allows you to spend with it, as the experience will be rewarding to you both..

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