A day of hard labor

Posted by on May 21, 2012

2012-05-20-20-06-01While these photos don’t necessarily show it, Maureen and I spent a long day working in the yard around the house today. Maureen cleaning out the pond and bringing back the lustre to the rocks we so carefully laid out for the waterfall … Me taking on a few things including more lawn reclamation and tackling the mess that the garage/workshop/shed/catch-all has become.

This very well built Shelter Logic “Garage” has served us well. It’s been a workshop, a storage shed, and more and even survived Hurricane Irene. It did get a little airborne in one corner – which knocked over most of the tools inside, including a VERY heavy compressor, but it has really held up well. My plan is to empty this out over the coming week, pick it up and move it to the back side of our Shelter Logic Greenhouse.

I’m redesigning the driveway, parking and garden area to create a new space to park our Motorhome – and besides, the Garage was not meant to be in this location permanently anyway.

Lots of work coming this week .. stay tuned!

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  1. john adams

    You know Gene, I think i’ve seen this garage layout before…. kinda looks like a Cormier Garage, circa the old days, LOL!!!!!

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