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A day of hard labor

While these photos don’t necessarily show it, Maureen and I spent a long day working in the yard around the house today. Maureen cleaning out the pond and bringing back the lustre to the rocks we so carefully laid out for the waterfall … Me taking on a few things including more lawn reclamation and … Continue reading »

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The Grass is Too Damn High!

Spring has certainly sprung here in Southbury! It’s been nearly 2 years that Maureen and I have been away – and it is nice to be back at home again. There are soooo many projects to start, re-start, finish and dream about. One of the first projects is getting the lawn back under control. The … Continue reading »

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Car Trailer Mods

Now that we’re back at home in CT for a while, there’s a LOT of work to do. Today’s project – add some rails to the car trailer so that I can use it for the dump, home depot runs, etc. I built some basic sides out of wood that I had leftover from, or … Continue reading »

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Battery Box Repair

Photos of the work to repair our damaged battery box. This is a semi-temporary fix that offers much better support and protection than the straps and board. Eventually this pressure treated wood box will come out and we’ll have the original box re-fiberglassed and reinforced. That will come when we can “give up” the motorhome … Continue reading »

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